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Mona LisaThis equation is as beautiful and enigmatic as Leonardo’s Mona Lisa smile.
We could write 100 pages explaining its significance and it wouldn't be enough. As Mona Lisa's smile, this Schroedinger equation, base of quantum mechanics, still has many more mysteries of the nature to reveal.
Because science is nothing else but art, the art of discovering the enigmas of the nature. Understanding nature through science should make us feel more integrated and more respectful to it. We say that we should feel like this because in reality it doesn’t happen: most of the people do not understand nature, they feel frightened by it and if, by any chance, they understand something, they consider nature as an enemy which must be dominated or if not, it will dominate them.
Science is not unified but it tends to be, sciences being interconnected between them, with the people, with arts. Let’s not forget that science is what we perceive about nature.

About Us

Ondina & Cezar PopescuThe main value of a company consists in its people, not in the sum of its objects.
We are 2 physicists passionate of life and knowledge (you can see us in the following picture, next to our daughter…).
Progress in general and in engineering is faster than our minds can cover. The engineering projects are under the supervision of a very wide minded, world wide experienced engineer.
We have a special team of extraordinary people, professional and passionate, from England, USA, Mexico, Spain, Canada and of course Romania. We are constantly enlarging and improving our team.
We created Pro Science with the pleasure of trying to understand nature, to love and respect it and moreover, once we find out some secrets, with the pleasure to share them to you; and last but not least, to reveal you the treasures buried in the encrypted and heavily unpleasant scientific language.
We created the virtual Café for all the extraordinary people who are not satisfied with a boring and plain life and have their own opinion about the world we live in; for all those who live with immense pleasure every day and they are aware of how lucky they are that they can do that.

What do we do?


To rich our goals, we are acting in different but connected domains, according with our expertise:

  • Educational and research projects creation in physics and connected areas
  • Consultancy related with our listed projects and in general with the research and educational activity connected with physics
  • Dissemination of science in general and physics particularly by organizing seminaries, conferences, for the general public etc.
  • Online courses and assistantship
  • Consulting services in business by combining the classical principles of the economical and social sciences with the newest applications of the quantum physics

Some of Our Projects


  • Comfort designComfort design – constructions energetically intelligent
The homes we live in have not held the pace with the technological evolution seen in other domains. The construction materials are mostly the same, the comfort and technology degree is way lower than, let’s say, that of a modern car. The energetic crisis and the pressure of environment conservation reflect directly in the budget of each one of us. We think the time has come that we create integrated methods of solving all these.



  • Plasma Arc“Achieving zero waste and energy generation from wastes, using plasma arc technology”
The plasma arc torch is the most modern method of complete destruction of hazardous, industrial and medical dangerous waste, without polluting the environment and in the same time generating energy. The specialists in the field are saying about this method, that it is highly probable to be the future method to get free of waste of any kind. Our company has an implementation project for Romania, looking for a partner.



  • Misiunea Genesis“Genesis Mission”, a NASA – Mc REL project
The use of NASA experience in cosmic exploration in order to improve the educational process.
We studied the impact of the NASA educational materials on students from Tec de Monterrey University, Guadalajara Campus (Mexico), using data collected in real time with the space module Genesis. The materials we used had a higher efficiency, being improved with Problem Based Learning (PBL) technique.



  • Enigmele fizicii cuantice“Enigmas and paradoxes of quantum physics in our life”
Intensive course of introductive quantum physics for general public, held in Barcelona, Spain, "Happy Yoga - la Forja".
It was and still is very hard to understand the possibility of parallel universes existance for instance. But you can start understanding it from our course, because we present the principles and paradoxes of quantum physics in simple terms. Its applications are already present in our life. In XXIst century we travel by plane and our thinking by bicycle...